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Meet the Owner

Chris Cundall

I started making jewelry in 1984 by undertaking a four year apprenticeship under a master jeweler in Durban, South Africa. Upon completion, my family moved and settled in the USA, and I began working in the custom jewelry industry, hand-making, wax carving, casting and setting stones.


Since 1988 I have worked for 3 different custom manufacturers until in 2011 I felt the need to supplement the standard manufacturing techniques with the addition of CAD design and the advent of 3D printing technologies.


This has opened a whole new arena for making incredible designs. Not only can the designs be more intricate, but the customer is able to view, and even to try on the models to ensure they are correct in every way before the piece is actually fabricated, a huge time and money saver.


It is my goal to enable every customer to convert their dreams into reality in a timely and cost effective way.

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Gold Designs was started with one vision in mind - to make 3D printed models of jewelry designs created with the aid of CAD technology. Using 32 years of custom jewelry making experience, I have worked hard to bring this vision to life, making jewelry on commission to customer’s exact specifications. Please feel free to take a look through the galleries and get in touch today so we can begin to make your jewelry dreams a reality.



Please note: All designs are created with the finishing jeweler in mind, so they are produced (and shown) with all prongs and bezels in the unfinished state, to allow the jeweler the greatest ease and speed when setting.

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